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Originally Posted by yarando View Post

Only thing is the Question for an iPad Version, cause most of the time I use my iPad to work with JD.

If you're still following this post, Yarando, I will soon have a version for testing which supports iPad screen sizes. The layout is, generally speaking, identical to the iPhone layout but stretched. If you want access to this build (or anyone else with an iPad for that matter), so you can test it on your iPad, please PM me.

Originally Posted by JayK View Post

When I set an other download folder than the standard one in the link adding dialogue it still uses the standard one, just with a subfolder of the package name.

This should also be fixed in the next version, JayK!

Version 1.2.1 is coming soon with push notification support. I need help with testing though. All you would need to do is install the test version through Testflight and use it as normal. Report back to me if you see bugs, if not, then great!
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