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Hi jakudo

The app is available in all territories, you should have been able to search for it directly on the app store. I've experienced app store search issues in the past with other apps. Hopefully, the inability to search for the app was only temporary. I'll look into it!


Version 1.3 is with Apple for review right now. It includes push notifications for captchas and a widget so you can check the progress of your JDownloaders from the lock screen or notification centre.

Version 1.3.1 is already in progress. This will include a 'share' extension to the app e.g. if you're in the Chrome app you can 'share' your selected text (or current web page) to the app without leaving Chrome. You can then use the widget to check progress... so you can download new files and check progress and you don't even need to open the MyJD app.

I'm busy at the moment with other projects so v1.3.1 will likely be the last release with proper features in it for a good while. I'll obviously still stick around here for any questions!
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