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Das sieht nach interessanten Neuerungen für Recaptcha aus:

Just wanted to let you know that we are preparing to launch our new feature - Native Recaptcha Solving. Our workers will solve Google’s Recaptchas on their computers. You won’t ever need to parse it, emulate JS and so on. All you need is to pass the sitekey parameter, website address and emulated user session information, so we could reproduce it on our side and run on worker machine in a browser instance.
The feature is now in early alpha and we plan to launch it untill mid September. Come back more often and stay tuned!
Das haben heute alle Kunden bekommen.

Ich wollte auch nochmal auf den API-Parameter "soft_id" hinweisen, etwas zu verdienen gibt's also für die AppWork GmbH auch mit der Implementierung ;-)

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