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Default File size mismatch

On 3 occasions, I've downloaded files which have ended up larger than the actual filesize. All were compressed files (zip and rar), contained MP3s and were also corrupted. When I downloaded the same files directly thru Firefox, the correctly-sized file was received and extracted properly.
For example, one file is 80MB but when it finished downloading it was 109MB and corrupted. The (corrupt) zip showed 9 files and I could extract the first 8 but it died on the final file. The zip actually contained 14 files. When the JD download finished, the Progress bar showed the file size as 136.74% of the initial (correct) file size.
The actual package contained 11 zips. The first 2 downloaded OK, the next 2 were corrupt and I downloaded all thru Firefox without any issues. These files were hosted on Zippyshare but the first time this happened, the file was hosted on Uploaded. No passwords on the files.
Any thoughts?
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