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Default Downloads hit speed barrier at about 50Kbps

Hello folks! ... For the last two years I've been using use an HFC cable internet service that nominally runs at speeds "up to 100Mbps" as the service provider puts it.

During 2012/2013 at most times I was able to download multiple files concurrently at speeds up to 90 Mbps or more. At busier times download speeds usually are a lot slower, as is expected from a shared service like HFC cable (down to around 30-40 Mbps).

For the last month or more, however, I have never been able to exceed 50 Mbps, no matter how many files I throw at JDownloader.

I am trying to work out what has changed recently that has caused this 50 Mbps speed barrier to appear. It might be that the Cable company has decided deliberately to throttle the service to a 50 Mbps limit for all users -- or perhaps just people like me who try to do too many downloads at once (I shudder to think so and doubt this is the case). Or perhaps they somehow inadvertently introduced this speed restriction during network upgrades they carried out late last year.

Another possibility is that some network setting inside Windows 8 has changed (I haven't deliberately done so, but it might have occurred during a Windows update or similar.)

Or even perhaps some setting inside JDownloader has changed, either during a re-installation or as a result of an automatic JD update.

I'm casting around for opinions and ideas that might explain this 50 Kbps limitation. For example, does JD2 have a network speed setting around 50,000 bps that I might have selected inadvertently or that might have been switched on during an automatic update?

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