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Unhappy Can't download; jdupdate.rar gives me "no free update slots"

I've been using JD on my desktop for about a year now, but about a week ago, I suddenly became unable to download anything.

Linkgrabber always gives me "unchecked" and when I try to run the download, it gives me "Disconnect?" even though I'm still connected to the internet.

Since mine also started acting up after the update, I tried doing what Sir raztoki said in this thread but when I try to run jdupdate.jar, it always says "There are currently no free update slots. Please try again later."

I had a version of JD on my laptop which I haven't used in months, so when I tried to update it yesterday, it worked perfectly fine.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling JD on my desktop, but it still won't work. Is there anyway to fix this, or maybe, completely remove JD from my computer so that I can just update the whole thing like I did with my laptop?

Thank you very much.