Thread: [Solved] ASFILE plugin is out of date
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I also have an active AsFile premium account, and until a few days ago (cannot say exactly when it happened) did not have problems with JD2 (with all the latest automatic updates).

Now the JD2 link grabber does not even recognise valid download AsFile URLs, one example being **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

When I put that example URL into Firefox address bar, it opens an page proving that the file exists on their server. (File:

With the JD1 link grabber for the above URL I'm getting the message: "offline>Plugin outdated" which is even worse -- but then I suppose we can't expect JD1 to be worked on forever.

This is a different matter, for another thread, but I'll mention it here anyway.

"Why even try with JD1?" you might ask. Well, the reason that I keep JD1 installed is that I occasionally find it necessary to revert to JD1 when (typically downloads stall under JD2, strangely this generally happens after nearly all a file has been downloaded, and nothing that I do will force the final few MB to download under JD2.