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Good luck with the refund.

They refused mine after six (!) days, telling me they'd only refund during the first seven (!) days after payment. They didn't really react on my tickets and Paypal said they won't do anything because the service was described in a sufficient way - well, advertising Recaptcha, but not being able to solve it is FAR beyond this, wouldn't you all agree?

Simple SolveMedia text captchas (used by for example) also can't be solved.

But I get a lot of mails begging for donations (!) because development of their service is sooooo expensive ... and that I should advertise their scammy service everywhere in the net ... just keep hands off it. It just plainly smells like scam from it's head down to the shoes. I really can't believe that this got into jd so easily and is kept inside while implementation of other working captcha services takes months.


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