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'positive' is not the feedback we have been receiving, look above for examples.

In respects to username:password, nothing has changed on our side. It used to work which means something must have changed on your side. From what I can tell by coalado code it auto detects the apikey and secret from html source,
        br.getPage("**External links are only visible to Support Staff**);
        String key = br.getRegex("<strong>API KEY</strong>.*?<p>(.*?)</p>").getMatch(0);
        String secret = br.getRegex("<strong>API SECRET</strong>.*?<p>(.*?)</p>").getMatch(0);
if the html changes it would break the regex. users would then have to manually set this info: 'settings > advanced settings > CaptchaSolutionsInterface.apikey && CaptchaSolutionsInterface.apisecret'

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