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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
While it is possible to detect if the exists on disk, it is not possible to extend the GUI functionality of 'skip file if exists' to the event scripter. The links can only be disabled/removed or temporarily skipped to prevent it from being downloaded.

The current method limits the number (depth) of sub-folders which can be checked. Please wait for Jiaz to respond regarding request for new API method.

@Jiaz: Would it be possible to provide recursive list of the files and folders on the disk, something like:

var myFilePath[] = myFilePath.getChildrenRecursive();

Also can a method similar to "Mark as Finished" menu command be added?
Sorry for late answer, I tried to read more times but I'm not sure to understand. That's not my womanlanguage and informatics is not too...

Maybe I could better explain my request: I'm not talking only for "search folder and subfolder and skip to download existing files", the general idea was to avoid to donwload duplicates, each method is ok (I said about "search in the folder" because if JD skip downloads by using an "internal memory" of links downloaded, a format of windows could totally unable the skill). However: the general idea is for moving downloaded files. This can be done out from the donwload folder, or can be done in a subfolder if easier to do.

Did you said there is a way, no care which one, to do something like this, or you said there is no way? Thanks, sorry for my missunderstanding
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