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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
The script performs reconnects (only when there are active downloads) based on your speed limit and the duration taken by the downloads to reach that speed. As long as you determine/set optimal values for those parameters, there will be no risk your modem 'burning' out. The script currently waits till all downloads have been running for atleast 60 seconds (60000ms), before checking the speed limit. If your connection takes longer to reach the minimum speed, you can try increasing that value in the script, to prevent any unnecessary reconnects. If you want to track the number of reconnects triggered by the script, I can provide you a code which can log the timestamps to a file.

I am unable to make out much from the thumbnails of your screenshot (Please wait for Jiaz to check it). Make sure you have followed all the instructions given in the script (selected the right trigger, set interval correctly, enabled checkbox etc.).
Is it possible to set the script to run for a defined number of times?

Ok We wait any case I have only copied and pasted your script without modifying anything and I have checked the item "synchronous execution of the scripts" as specified in the script. And obviously enabled the script.
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