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Exclamation & download limit problem

Hi Guys, So I just found out the hard way that JD2 doesn't seem to detect when you reach the download limit for and so it just keeps refreshing the download and re-solving the captcha. Which ate up a big chunk of my credits :(

I have auto-reconnect enabled and finally got my script working so it should be refreshing my IP and its not even trying to. Nor does it seem to care that the red message is sending me means I can't download anymore. It just waits 30 secs, and re-solves the captcha over and over. >.< Good thing I didn't go to bed and leave it running..

This seems like a major problem to me. It didn't do it a few days back when I was downloading a bunch of stuff from the same host. So maybe its a problem with the latest patch? Or maybe have updated something on their end?

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