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(a) Download of all hosters is directed to the same directory.
(b) Yep, the same file e.g. from downloads over and over again when 'Restart download in case of CRC error' is checked.
(c) As told when decrypting the underlying container and inserting the very same links into the Deepbrid web interface everything is okay. (Slow) download of the same file directly from hoster gives byte identity compared to the one downloaded from the Deepbrid web interface.
(d) Memory (RAM) is checked and okay. No overclocking.
(e) Right now all downloads are collected on a small NAS (to make them available to my home network without necessity of a big server running 24/7). I'm going to check another download location, but that doesn't make much sense as downloads from some hosters (uploaded, share-online) as well as direct http or ftp downloads to the very same location complete without any errors.
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