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Default Filter out Youtube links from Twitter.

I use the folderwatch feature to fill JD2 with account links from instagram, twitter, etc.

For Twitter, I have created a packagizer rule with the settings:

sourceurl(s) contains*/status/
download directory: C:\Twitter\<jd:packagename>
package name: <jd:source:1>
I use the above and JD2 downloads all the photos and videos from the twitter media urls. So far so good. The problem though is that many of those twitter media urls also contain youtube links and JD2 download those youtube videos as well.

My question is how can I filter out the youtube links and keep everything else when downloading from Twitter?

I tried to use the Linkgrabber Filter menu but I have no idea how to configure it, so that it can filter the youtube links that are created from crawling the twitter media urls.

any ideas how to achieve this?
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