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Default jDownloader adds an underscore to filenames

-JDownloader 0.9.581
-**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**
-Free mode
-Problem is as follows. When the filename of the link includes a space, jDownload replaces the space with an underscore.

1. The example link has "toolbarbutton close.psd"
2. Linkgrabber adds this to the list as "toolbarbutton_close.psd".
3. When the download is started, the filename changes to "toolbarbutton close.psd". Now the filename has a space and is correct.
4. jDownloader does not properly ignore this file if another mirror has been downloaded, because it queued it wrongly with an underscore. After it starts the download and the filename is corrected it realizes the file already exists. However, the free download slot is wasted and you have to wait another hour for the next file.

FIX: When linkgrabber adds the file, it should be as "toolbarbutton close.psd", not "toolbarbutton_close.psd"
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