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Cool List of Shortcuts

Several people on this board have been asking for the shortcuts.

Coalado, jD developer, referred to the language file for the shortcuts. After some searching I found some of them (the keys start with "") in my English language file. I'm not sure whether my list is complete.

Since they are defined in the language files, they might be language dependent. Please, check your own language file if you're using another langauge.

Shortcuts :-
Edit by Jiaz: please note that shortcuts can differ between the different languages, check languagefile for more info
About JDownloader = CTRL+F1
Add links = CTRL+V
Add URL(s) = CTRL+U
Backup = CTRL+B
Pause downloads. Limits global speed to 1 kb/s = (see Pause)
Changelog = CTRL+SHIFT+C
Enable or disable monitoring the Clipboard for new links = CTRL+8
Configuration = F11
Drag&Drop target = CTRL+6
Toggle (Enable/Disable) Reconnection = CTRL+ALT+R
Move to The Bottom = ALT+END
Move Down = ALT+DOWN
Remove Entries = DELETE
Move to the Top = ALT+HOME
Move Up = ALT+UP
Exit = CTRL+Q Edit by Jiaz: changed, because CTRL+X is cut
Support = F1
Host Configuration = CTRL+Alt+H
Load Container = CTRL+O
(Move Down = 2 x ?)
(Move Up = 2 x ?)
Addon Configuration = CTRL+Alt+O
Pause = CTRL+0
Enable Premium usage globally = (nothing found)
Do a Manual Reconnection = CTRL+R
Manual reconnection. Get a new IP by resetting your internet connection = (see Do a Manual Reconnection)
Remove completed Downloads = -
Remove completed Packages = -
Restart = -
Create Container = CTRL+S
Search = CTRL+F
Start/Stop downloads = CTRL+9
Stop running downloads = (nothing found, but it might be CTRL+9 as well)
Execute update = CTRL+7
Auto-update = (nothing found)
Show log window = F5
Open Wiki = CTRL+W

Please, comment when some shortcuts are missing or wrong.

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