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Hi guys!

Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
@the Dark: Make sure you have selected the correct trigger.
The checkbox gets removed automatic if I click "OK" on error message.

Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
If you are enabling the folderwatch only on specific dates, you would not need to move the DLCs to a subfolder. You can just keep them in the 'added' folder and move them back to the watchfolder, whenever you wish to download them again. Under these circumstances, you will also not need a script to enable/disable folderwatch.
I want to download the same file every 15 days so the dont get deleted - I want the script to do all the magic So moving the files would be awesome...

Example: 50 *.dlc files get loaded into LinkGrabber total download size ~4TB

I need to correct the error message: It get shown everytime! The files do not get deleted so the fill up my hard drive
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