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Default Tested Keyboard Shortcuts (accelerators)

The following list is for the English version of version 9.579.
Those listed above that do not work are shown in Strike Out font.
Some will change in the future version.

Add URL(s) = CTRL+U
Backup = CTRL+B
Do a Manual Reconnection = CTRL+R (Get a new IP)
Move highlight to The Bottom = ALT+END
Move highlight Down = DOWN arrow
Remove selected Entries = DELETE
Move to the Top = ALT+HOME
Move Up = UP arrow
Exit = CTRL+Q (No Confirmation dialog. Note, this is different in Windows from Alt+F4)
Load Container = CTRL+O
Auto-update = Alt+A
Minimize to tray = Alt+F4
(Note, there is a confirmation dialog, but no Cancel)

Help and Support = Ctrl+F1
Copy selected text = Ctrl+C
Cut selected text = Ctrl+X
Paste selected text = Ctrl+V
Select all text = Ctrl+A

Select all links = Ctrl+A
Deselect all links = Ctrl+\
Find Package = Ctrl+F
Collapse/expand all packages below = Click on a package, then Ctrl+Left click
Collapse/expand all packages above = Click on a package, then Shift+Ctrl+left click

Add Links = Alt+L
Add Down Load Container = Alt+A
Continue with all = Alt+C

Do not work (or do not work correctly)
About JDownloader = CTRL+F1
Add links = CTRL+V (supposed to be Add URL(s) Container)
Pause downloads. Limits global speed to 10 kb/s = (see Pause)
Changelog = CTRL+SHIFT+C (CTRL+C does not work either)
Enable or disable monitoring the Clipboard for new links = CTRL+8
Configuration = F11
Drag&Drop target = CTRL+6
Toggle (Enable/Disable) Reconnection = CTRL+ALT+R
(Move Down = 2 x ?) Move highlight down = Down Arrow
(Move Up = 2 x ?) Move highlight down = Down Arrow
Support = F1
Host Configuration = CTRL+Alt+H
(Move Down = 2 x ?)
(Move Up = 2 x ?)
Addon Configuration = CTRL+Alt+O
Pause = CTRL+0
Enable Premium usage globally = (nothing found)
Remove completed Downloads = -
Remove completed Packages = -
Restart = -
Create Container = CTRL+S
Search = CTRL+F
Start/Stop downloads = CTRL+9
Stop running downloads = (nothing found, but it might be CTRL+9 as well)
Execute update = CTRL+7
Show log window = F5
Open Wiki = CTRL+W