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Default JDownloader runs like ass

so JD has been running like absolute ass for several weeks now. it is so slow and laggy. everything I do it has these delays and momentary freezes. scrolling, switching tabs, right clicking, every action has a delay.

I'm getting very annoyed because it also seems to be affecting download speeds

I have been using JD2 since late 2014 and my linklist has nearly 1.3 million links in it. my linklist ( file is nearly at its millionth iteration and is almost 800MB in size so I am sure this plays a role but it has almost suddenly gotten really bad the last month. I have found that killing JD with the taskmanager while its running can sometimes make it much more stable the next time I start it but it doesn't always work.

JD2 is typically having high CPU usage and uses 4.5GB of RAM

Is there something wrong with my instance of JD2, if not any plans to make it more stable? I think JD2 needs an overhaul of how it saves the linklist. Most of my linklist never changes and is there for archival and history purposes. JD doesn't need to read and load most of this data or constantly resave it. Maybe JD needs an archive tab where old links can be saved to its own separate file and only loaded when needed. it would be nice to have different labeled archives

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