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@fuknuckle: JDownloader internas are not designed for JDownloader being used as an archive/history.
That's the simple answer to this.
There is no dedicated effort to make it lightweight use/handling for archived/history links.
For JDownloader it's just a normal link that you might enable/download at any time.
And it highly depends on the link/site if a link requires more or less memory for internal representation.

You can set higher delays to write modified list to disk, see Settings-Advanced Settings
eg, set
DownloadController.minimumsavedelay to 300000
DownloadController.maximumsavedelay to 900000
So JDownloader will wait minimum of 5 minutes after last modifiation to write to disk, but max 15 mins.
It will write the changes to disk independent from those settings.

Your JDownloader instance is limited to 3.6gb of heap memory
MaxMemory=3806855168bytes (3630Megabytes)
You can always check memory usage/allocation in about dialog of JDownloader, see
When the first(used) and second(allocated) number are *near* the third(max), then it's time to remove links from list or incease available max heap.
You should modify the .vmoptions file and provide more memory, eg, remove any -Xmx and -Xms line and add
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