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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
You should observe the "save to" column when links are grabbed.
I have just worked out what the problem MIGHT be.

I still use JD1 occasionally, when having some problem or other with JD2 usually. JD1 has a setting (see image 1) that I always select: "Create subfolder with packagename if possible" and this together with "Download directory" seems to ensure that the packaged files go to the correct folder.

JD2 has a different setting Linkgrabber: Group single files in a 'various package' (see image 2) which is not described explained anywhere that I can find. This wording is rather obscure (needing improvement), but to me this setting seems to be the equivalent of the one for JD1 mentioned in the previous paragraph. Correct me if I'm wrong about the intent of this setting, please!

In JD2 there's also a new setting Subfolder by Package (see image 3) that, without explanation and a little surprisingly, has been placed in the "Choose new Directory" dialog box. (I say surprisingly, since I only just noticed it today. I use a vast number of different software packages, and find changes like this easy to overlook.)

Whatever the various combinations of these settings spread across different dialog boxes is supposed to achieve, I did just follow your advice and watched the "Save to" column, discovering that in some cases the January_2014 folder is re-created even though the "Download folder" setting has been saved as February_2014. Is this a bug, or perhaps a confusion of settings in JD2?:confused::confused:
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