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In response to the OP.

JD2 never did as you stated.. here are the following reasons.

a) links get paths when they enter linkgrabber, existing links in Linkgrabber or download tab will preserves this.. This is the case in previous versions of JD also!

b) image one/two, you should set the default path "M:\JDownloader\". Then use package customiser, create a new rule call it what you want.. include dynamic variable like simpledate in the save path (right click in textbox for dynamic rules). _

not sure what $$$$ means in screen shot as its shown in the file explorer as ####but from you given example

c) image three is if you change from the default (which is gained from entering linkgrabber) and checkbox you want subdirectory as packagename.

I will finish up by saying...
Any changes you do in respects to making new save default, or package customiser rules.... you will need to re-add all links in download/linkgrabber tabs, too apply desired changes to save paths.
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