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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@Statter: Unable to use Firefox53+, Chrome or Opera?
Correct Those Browsers have all stopped supporting my current Mac OS 10.6.8 which is on my workhorse machine which I can not update at this time until I find other solutions for other apps and data that I have to have access to for various reasons at this time.

Once I can find the other solutions for those items then I can at least update the machine to a later OS.

I also do not like Chrome as it is a Google product and they have had too many back doors in the past for me to feel comfortable with. Doesn't really matter though as I can not update it to the latest Chrome anyway.

The laptop does not have the hd space for what is needed with JD either. Yes I could use external drives on it but that gets to be a pain having to disconnect and reconnect when traveling etc.

Since JD is using Java as its base it seems to me there should be a way to have a switch or something that does not allow links to use the host ip when needing browser support. Not sure if it would need to be a JD app setting or in the JD Browser extension but one of the two places should be able to do such I would think.
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