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In JD I got 35.36MB but on website it showed 10035 MB.
Downloads stopped.

hmm.. it just reset to 60000 MB literally a second ago. For which JD shows 48.82 GB.
(perhaps because I sent a support message.. or because of some timeout)
BUT! still incorrect, right? Even in GiB, that'd be only 52420 MB instead of 60000 MB?
Perhaps some wrong calculation somwhere?

After starting downloads again, on the FJ site it jumped down to 43485 MB. I guess they decrement the value with the whole download size before even completing.
Which may mean JD won't attempt resume even though it could resume stopped downloads?

Another one:
Trying to get something via webbrowser now: "There is not enough traffic available to download this file. You have: -97 MB out of 50000 MB left.". Account info shows 9903 MB.
They are just trying to fck with me. Well.. it seems like some downloads went through even the number keeps switching occasionally.

Hmz. "Video player" option just appeared in FJ account page. I wonder how they count data usage for that... or if that has anything to do with it.

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