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Thanks for your quick response.

What OS are you using?
Windows 10 Pro

Do you use standby/lock the session while JDownloader is running?
No the session is left running without locking or going into standby mode

The about numbers? is it from when your JD is sluggish?
No the numbers are from when it has just been restarted. I'll post the numebrs the next time it's not responsive.

Is your JDownloader idle at that time or downloading/trying to download? You can tell by looking at the play button. Only when play button is available,JDownloader is idle.
JD is idle at that time. As a matter of fact, my system will lag big-time for a while. After some time, the whole system will hang and my internet access freezes up completely (ie JD hangs while showing the last Average and Current download rate at the top left of JD with the green shading frozen up as well). No apps can download anything from the web whether it's a website or a file download through Firefox, even the hard disk activity is non-existent (no flashes on the PC case which shows hard disk activity). I have then to perform a hard reset of the desktop PC. This scenario only happens with JD running usually for a long time yet occasionally it will do this after rebooting and running JD for say an hour or two. I can't even save any open Excel or notepad files for that matter.
Now if I reboot the system before it gets to that state and re-start JD before it hangs my system, then the PC won't hang however it's diificult to say when it'll hang next. Thios has been going on for almost 9 months from the time I noticed it.

Here's my current download parameters when clicking on the top right hand corner of JD:
Max chunks per download: 12
Max simultaneous downloads: 6
Max sim downloads per hoster: 1
Speed limit: disabled

What I have noticed is when I increase the Max chunks per download to 20 and max sim downlaods to 10, the system tends to hang much faster than when I leave it at about 12 and 6 respectively. Not sure if this is what's causing the system lockups but it definitely helps it hang.
I've left my JDownloader2.vmoptions untouched with the only two lines below:

Can you please create a log when this happens again?
When this happens again, prepare the steps to create a log, then abort once you see the log dialog. Do this about 2-4 times and then create log and post logID here.
I'll create log files and post them when it happens next.

Thanks so much for your assistance.
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