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Originally Posted by Frontlader View Post
I fail to download anything. I am using Chrome, I get the same captchas all over and then Jdownloader says "Plugin too" old, there must be a fix for that!
I have that issue with some hosts but not all. Filejoker and filefox, mostly. What happens is you solve the 3 sets of captchas, and then get a plugin outdated error. The next link, 3 captchas, download starts, Then wait the delay time, same thing happens. Then I have to reset the links manually. But not all the time- sometimes the download works 1st try (after solving the 3 rounds of captchas).

I have never had the issue where the captchas keep looping. It takes many rounds, but I always have managed to get the DLs started. Biggest issue is that it takes so long to solve some that other downloads captchas timeout never having actually popped the captcha dialog and I have to unskip them. Which is an issue with some hosts that count skipped captchas against your daily limit.
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