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Originally Posted by Amiganer View Post
From the other articles that goes the way, it is working right now accept it is compared against his own list, that would be great, if possible...
Sorry but I did not understand this sentence, could you please reformulate differently ?

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Thanks for those advices !
I'll make one file per host as it sound better, I might actually try and use a URL limit per file so it create subversions, the more chances of hit per more sub files, the less memory it will take, I'll just need to check if the file "hostname + incremental number" using "readFile" and "try".
So far I've already made a script that can create an history file if none exist or if it is empty.
I'll use API trigger to make both check new downloads in the Link Grabber windows and put finished ones in the list.
I am currently looking at what API calls id and data are to select the right one.
When adding a new download to the list, it already check if it is already or not in the list using the "indexOf" function and only add it if it doesn't exist, I prefer that over another file who fix things, also this is the same function already used for checking of a new download in the LinkGrabber is in the history or not, so it avoid coding two codes for basically the same thing.
Also a "var myBoolean = fileExist(/*file path*/);" function would be really handy here !

I'll see what I can do with the DLC files after making at least a main script without it.
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