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yes, but it is picking up .mp4, html, jpgs etc from a lot of other host and sites when i am browsing... also i don't think there is a youtube host plugin.

It picks it up if you click copy link etc..

Then for something flv it will prompt for a filetype to save as or something like.

plus the ignore links part where u need to write every single file is not easy to find and not very intuitive for a lot of people.

I didn't even see that till now.

Make a ignore file type tab etc is more intuitive and would make the program more easier for a lot of people
vs the current version where we need to type in some stuff to ignore it.

Checkbox off filetypes you don't want downloaded I think is a good idea and more user friendly.
And by default you should make it ignore the filetypes I mentioned below, since most are just downloading rar files who are using this program.

Or make it default ignore mp4, html, youtube, jpg etcs.
if we wanted to catch mp4, html, youtube, there is already our own download managers and firefox addons which does it.

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