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Originally Posted by remi View Post
There's a jD Youtube decrypter, not a jD host plug-in.

Making programs more easy to use is an art and not a science. However, there are rules and conventions about usability that should be followed. Drbits wrote some posts about the subject, but I'm not sure these will be implemented soon.

Let's first implement the standards and then see whether your requirements have been met.
In terms of ease of use, the current system for excluding filetypes is not very user friendly. It isn't even easy to find or standout. It isn't easy to exclude files as well.

Whether u implement a checkbox feature to exclude filetypes will depend on your priority. It will definitely make it more user friendly.

If you can't do this, then you should stop catch links with mp4, jpgs, html, .exe, youtube flv etc.. We mainly use jdownloader to download rar files in a package from sharing sites.

Most people already got download managers to catch other file types, and even firefox has the downthemall and flashgot plugins, and video downloader if we want to catch those other filetypes mention.

Jdownloader should stick to what it's main purpose is, which is to download files of sharing sites which mainly consist of RAR files, and rar multiple files, and maybe zip files.

If jdownloader wants to also be a download manager and not just a sharing host download manager, then u should allow people to choose what files they want catching.

It should not catch video files and ask you what format you want to download it as (biggest annoyance), and also not catch jpgs, html, .exe etc (second annoyance - need to delete those files from link list afterwards).. or give ppl the option to easily disable those files.

Btw I think you guys are doing good job with this app, and for the most part it does what it was meant to, but i think it should stick to it's main purpose as a sharing host download manager (since this is what ppl mainly use it for) and not as a general download manager or give ppl the option to disable this, if they already got a general download manager.

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