Thread: [Solved in JD2] Ignore certain file types
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Thanks for your explanation.

I'm using other download engines (Azureus, FDM, etc.) as well, because jD isn't perfect for all types of downloads and the functional needs that I have. Overall, jD is the best download tool I know.

Some people use their browser for all their downloads. They're happy with that.

It's true that jD is specialised in decrypting links and downloading from hosts like RS, MF, MU and HF.

Where I don't agree with you is that it should be limited to that (very important) niche. Many customers have asked more functionality. When I'm only running jD, I don't start FDM or my browser to download a simple http link. I could have another reason not to use my browser to download a simple http link or jpg image :- the download directory. In jD I can setup multiple download folders.

If you don't want to download simple http links, please disable that function in the Hosts settings page and your issue is solved.

The youtube format setting issue is known and will be changed as soon as there is a volunteer to implement it.
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