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Originally Posted by RPNet-user View Post
They are basically two different/separate types of "issues", as I believed that the 1-minute adjustment was for "all" (disconnects/connections and server-answer of RD).
The "1 minute wait" is for all ases in which real-debrid returns an unknown error instead of the file you want to download.
It was NOT(!) for timeout/disconnect issues.

Originally Posted by RPNet-user View Post
I suspected that this was the case when I noticed that it continued to countdown after 10-minutes, however, I was not sure.
Again: Without a debug-log I won't be able to tell you what exactly causes the yellow failure-status...

Originally Posted by RPNet-user View Post
It is still a little confusing because "a failure to download" can also be caused due to a login related issue either because the website is down/inaccessibly or my internet connection temporarily fails.
Yes sure login issues can also happen within download attempts but if handled properly, the account will get temporarily disabled just like it happened for you.
Without a log I won't be able to tell whether or whether not that supposedly long waittime makes sense.

It probably all makes sense but I won't be able to look into it without a log.
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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
Originally Posted by James
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