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If you look at my the first screenshot from my first post called "Account.Manager.Overview.Service.Unavailable" and compare it to the new screenshot from today, it shows that the "status" are different for both: the first one shows "service_unavailable" and the new one shows "Unknown Error", and they were both "temporarily disabled": first error was for 5-minutes countdown (I think) and the second one for 60-minutes countdown.

On my first post I mentioned that I noticed that these types of disconnects occur either because of "any" issue on the host side or on my side (internet, router, etc.); therefore, I was hoping to find/change a setting to change this reconnect time so that I would not have to manually "uncheck" and "re-check" the hoster in the "Account Manager" or for JD to take less time to "re-check" when I'm not monitoring it.

What I didn't know was that RD's API error (from my first post) was different than the one from RD been completely "offline" as they were earlier today which can also be caused from my end if there is a temporary disconnect from my internet-service which is what I was originally hoping to change in the time countdown of JD.

Apparently JD handles both differently where I believed that they are "all" handled the same when there is a disruption between JD and the host regardless whether it is on the host-end or mine and causes JD to "temporarily disable" it in the "Account Manager".
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