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Originally Posted by Amiganer View Post
Hello, I asked that in another forum and I was linked here, so I'll ask here.

Is i possible to prevent JD2 to download a link a second time?
At the Moment it is possible while keeping the downloaded files in the download window. That works for a while....

Can that be done in another way?
As I found out, the EventScripter can make files, are something like a maybe ".csv" DB or something else and compare every new link with that pseudo DB?

Bye, Christian
I can try and make it for you, I am not familiar with .csv files so I'll simply make a text file with each URL as line, if you insist I can learn to work with csv and make it use them.
But I'll require some informations, what do you want the script do to exactly, warn you, delete the download, disable it and write in its comment it have been already downloaded (recommended), detect them when you add them in downloads or directly from the link grabber and if so make an exception if you try to add the the same file twice in a certain amount of time (recommended), make exception for same links with different names added in the same period of time (like multiples Youtube comments for example who share the same URL) or excluding files from the same URL with different extensions etc...
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