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Default [MEGA.NZ] Start Decryptying Files After Download Queue Is Completed

Hi, I started to download a bunch of big sized files and just noticed that once each one of them is finished, the consequent decryption process takes place right away, even if there are files still pending to download. So, I'm wondering if is there a way of making JD2 leaves the whole decryption process starts only after the download queue has been finished? Or even let it be started manually by the user. That way, I could let JD2 keeps downloading files and/or even decompressing at least another one at the same time, without hogging the whole disk's bandwidth.

Otherwise, making the "decryption" process doesn't count as another "download" task to the queuing system, will let at least the files' amount set in the "Max. simultaneous Downloads" option be respected, and the rest of files keep being downloaded, while just "one at a time" is being decrypted.

Recently I had an active queue, which had an active download and a decryption taking place at the same time, and I wanted to decompress a little file (~ 3 GB) using WinRAR but couldn't do it, since once I stated it the decryption speed at JD2 was slowed down severely and the decompressing itself hanged (I had to shut it down, and it was closed a few minutes later).


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