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Default Help with CSV/Advanced Crawler Rule set part of url as filename

I tried my best to come up with a rule or rules via the packagizer or the advanced linkcrawler rules and for some reason I keep missing something with Regex for the file name. I was able to video source urls from via a Firefox script and I am attempting to plug those into CSV or .txt file as the current name auto retrieved by Jdownloader donít match the desired ideal naming convention. I have had success with other sites using the advanced crawler rules, but I must be messing something up here. Below are a few of the variations and details Iíve tried.

Previous Referenced Articles Used When Attempting To Solve Problem

How do I setup jdownloader to accept my desired naming convention for the MP4 upload website from the CSV fields? I am only using the CSV since I am also unable to get it to accept from the website.

Thank You in Advanced!
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