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Lightbulb Feature Request - Maximum Simultaneous Downloads per Premium Service

Not sure if this is something I could do manually, I tried setting options but haven't been able to limit the Premiums to operate in the order I want, with the maximum possible speed.

A little background:

I'm working with multiple people across the globe uploading data for a large collaboration project. Some of them upload multiple GB of video files each week. I've already upgraded my internet service to unlimited data. Some have better experiences with Uploaded, some with RapidGator, some with Mega. I have All Debrid, Real Debrid, and a RapidGator account, as the two Debrids tend to hit limits with RG occasionally. So far, I've been able to set up downloads once or twice a day, and just let everything collect, so THANK YOU FOR THAT! Definitely see a donation or two in your future, and possible mention in the credits. A typical day can see me downloading 200-300GB of data.

BUT, I want to be able to manage the downloads just a tad better. RealDebrid seems to give me the best speeds with RapidGator. Even better than the RG Premium account, especially with the slowdowns happening. (Responded in the other thread.) The maximum download settings don't let me prioritize exactly as I'd prefer. Here's what I'd like to do:

Maximum downloads per host - 12
*** Maximum downloads per Premium account - 4 ***

This would set up four downloads for AD, four for RD, and four for RapidGator. If all of the files I'm downloading are from RapidGator, I'd have 12 downloads going simultaneously. I think this would give me the best balance of speed. If there are files coming via Mega or Uploaded, the Debrids can grab those while the RG Premium account works the RG files.

So far, the only way I've been able to "force" compliance is to disable and re-enable the premium accounts in order. Otherwise, RG can open up all 12 slots, and downloads slow to a crawl.

Is this something that can be done?
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