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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
this should be possible via DomainRules, see for example
**External links are only visible to Support Staff**...
I'm not seeing how to edit that manually, but it looks promising. The description line says:

"Setup rules by Domain. Let us know if you use this feature and require a nicer User Interface."

Yes please.

As a partial workaround for now, this morning I set all the RG downloads in my queue for a low priority, so the Debrids skip over them until all the UL and Mega ones are done. I set up a large download last night, and this morning RG was crawling along (8-9MB/s), just using my RG Premium account. As soon as I set all the RG links to low priority, the Debrids became active and started downloading the other files. (30-40MB/s)

That could be something to look into as well. If the Debrids run into the daily limit on a host, they just decided to sit back rather than work the other hosted links?
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