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Jiaz thanks for reply. I have downloaded Hundreds of youtube videos over the past 2 years using Jdownloader 2.

I agree for youtube VIDEO. there seems to be no encoding of any video stream and they render in the downloaded file correctly in the resolution chosen. This is Very Nice.

However, in these same video files, youtube AUDIO ALWAYS shows up as 254 kbps. This means that the audio is being reencoded/upscaled from its native 126 kbps.

I have used multiple combinations of settings in the jdownloader 2 youtube plugin, but the result is always the same: 254 kbps. i have also tried several (3 or 4) other youtube download programs; those have all produced aac audio of 126 kbps.

Maybe i am the only one with this problem? are there youtube audio settings i'm missing or not understanding? Is everyone else getting a proper 126 kbps???

This is the only flaw i have with the otherwise incredible jdowloader 2...
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