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It matters not how I change the various settings available to me.... one connection or 20 connections or anything in between, the same error comment will occur after a few seconds.

I have spent much time reading the various Threads and Posts in these Forums and I have enabled and disabled various portions of both my Firewall and Anti Virus Program. Nothing makes a difference.

It's a shame as jdownloader is a very nice program..... it simple won't work with Rapidgator.... and as a bit of research will show you.....the vast majority of movies and TV shows etc are hosted on that Provider .

The solution is (as I mentioned earlier)..... reduce the reconnect time from four minutes to say, a couple of seconds for those situations where jdownloader\rapidgator incur multiple reconnection issues.

For my part, The present situation forces me to desist in my use of jdownloader in favor of Internet Download Manager.
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