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I have been experiencing such issue for a few days. I am also using IE. I started using Nitroflare 1 week ago and during the 1st time use a window popped up for me to solve the captcha. That went fine.

A few days later I could no longer connect to Nitorflare, IP blocked, etc and then I learnt that Nitorflare was under attack.

2 days later I could download directly from the website but not through Jdownloader. A Jdownloader window popped up telling me I needed to install MyJdownloader extension to solve the captcha. I installed and was led to another window which I could see the captcha. However after I clicked the button to send the answers, I was asked to wait ..... but it seemed the answers could not reach Nitroflare.

Just yesterday night the 'normal' captcha window re-appeared and I was able to activate my account again. However my daily download limit had not been refreshed and it was still kept at the status a few days back ~280MB left. After downloading a 1MB file the limit dropped to zero.

I don't know if this is normal but I guess I am not going to use Nitorflare again. Expensive but poor service.
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