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I'm guessing they're under ddos attack again. It's also asking me to complete a catchpa for every download. Nitroflare are the only people that can stop this.

With regards the app, just to check you have logged in to myjdownloader in Jdownloader itself and if you have, you are seeing your jdownloader session listed in the app?

I've found app seems to miss the link sometimes and I need to switch to settings then back to the dashboard page to get it to show up.

Having said that it is copying links correctly for me at the moment, in your case you can get it to show them properly rather than with a question mark by doing the following:

1) Login to nitroflare in your browser

2) Click the link to open the nitroflare download page rather than copying it

3) Right click the click here to download button and copy link location (or your browsers equivalent)
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