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[Solution (albeit a crap one)]: try limiting the speed. I'm getting stable downloads at about 800K (single thread). If that won't stick keep reducing it.

Then try increasing the chunks and upping the limit.

I figured this out using Microsoft Edge which, unlike Jdownloader & Firefox, works fine, but restricts each thread to 755-790K.

Pretty shoddy for a premium service.

Originally Posted by harrydogg View Post
I'm having similar issues as miketee (i specifically registered here because of rapidgator issue with JD2)

Premium rapidgator account
Firewall disabled
Max chunk test from 1 to 20
Max Simultaneous download set to 1

no matter what settings I use after downloading a bit, it stops (green icon with !) and 5 min wait. I have to stop and start the download again for it to continue. After a bit it stops again, and I have to stop & start. repeat till download is done.

I don't have this issue with downloads from browser.

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