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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
None of us is familiar enough for forum code and it's written in PHP and we're all Java guys So none of the team will be able to write it nor find time for it.
That's the opposite for me, I'm not a Java guy, though I know enough C and C++ to be familiar with the syntax and base of it, I did learn a bit of PHP a decade ago, PHP is a little different, but it is lite, it lies somewhere between Javascript and Java, the syntax is closer to Javascript than Java and while in Javascript you need to know a bit of Documents (DOM), for PHP this is more about knowing HTML and CSS, and you also need to be familiar with database like the old yet still popular MySQL for example.
So yeah even though you would still be familiar with the syntax and how it work, it would require a bit of conversion and as you said you haven't got the time, the first high level language I learned was VB.NET which have quite a different syntax, it make Javascript, Java, PHP, C and C++ look really similar in comparison, having also touched other kind of language/script/macro software that are different from each other, I find it easy to adapt to a new language, though I have yet to start with Haskell
But I also can guess how peoples who have seen languages with similar syntax only won't find it as easy to get to a new one.
In short, I understand well your position.
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