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Originally Posted by Amiganer View Post
How can I put all already finished links to that script? Another trigger?
Of course you can use a script, but it will be easier using GUI.

Assuming you have already disabled the 'advanced setting' and also have a "Already Downloaded" package.
  1. Use Quick filter in the bottom toolbar ("Successful Downloads") to view only the finished links.
  2. Select them and use the context menu command "Other > Move to a new Package" and move the links to a new package (For e.g. "Temp")
  3. Disable the quick filter. Merge "Temp" and "Already Downloaded" package, using drag 'n' drop.
Originally Posted by Amiganer View Post
I can not give the Script a name?
In the eventscripter script list panel, double-click in the respective row in the 'name' column and type the desired name for the script.
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