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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Please explain this again.

Sorry I don't see how that addon does anything different than JD.
Also as said, I did not get banned.

Please either find it out yourself and let me know or ask someone who knows it.
Also the addon will download all songs in the row - basically the same JD does.
I will not put any more time into analyzing this addon.

It's not addon related issue. Actually the addon just sends all song links to Firefox's native downloader. Myzcloud also allow download songs by pressing each song's download button. So Myzcloud allow downloads but not downloads considered as site attack. The difference is not addon but JD vs browser's native downloader. Myzcloud thinks JD is attacking the site. You need download 20 songs to get banned with JD. Also as I said once IP get banned JD tries to download rest of the links but alter song links to album link so changing ip and resume download is also not possible with JD.

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