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Yes 1 Chunk, 1 Downloads. Last midnight I've downloaded about 100 songs via JD, no ban came. But today (day time) ban comes after 16 successful downloads. Myzcloud uses less tolerance for busy times.
Today's ban log:
04.03.20 12.09.08 <--> 04.03.20 12.22.05 jdlog://5752715302851/

About the part you didn't understand (my bad) When I add an album, the songs of it don't have specific song links. All song links are pointing just album link's itself. After changed my ip, I try to resume but after only one song downloaded from per album (pack), JD says: "Finished: Mirror) for the rest of the songs in each album (pack) as you can see in the log & picture:

04.03.20 12.09.08 <--> 04.03.20 13.38.59 jdlog://5852715302851/

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