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thanks, I sign these codes and try something.

at the moment I solved by creating an * .exe with autoilt + this code

// send "{CTRL}{DEL} " + "{enter}" to  shortkey to JD
// In JD there is a command: <<clear filtered links>> ( setting\user interface\linkgrabber botton bar ..... the icon is a gray funnel)
//I matched it with a shost cut (ctrl + del)
// so this script is used to execute the command without having to physically press "{CTRL}{DEL} " 
// trigger = a download stopped -or- download controller stopped 

var hotkeyExe = getPath(JD_HOME + "/_bin/JDCtrlCancEnter.exe");

code nel file au3 (I don't know if something is missing or if I could avoid some things ... but it works ... so ... i use it and convert to *.exe )

WinActivate("[TITLE:JDownloader 2]")
WinActivate("[TITLE:JDownloader 2]")
WinActivate("[TITLE:JDownloader 2]")

I noticed that the command is executed even if the .exe is clicked twice (as I assumed).

(I have not yet understood what was wrong with the exe obtained from autohotkey ... but I think I will lose a little more time on it ... it makes me very angry.)

@zreenmkr = sorry if I ask you but could you tell me what you wrote in au3? I would like to try to understand why <jdHotkey.exe> doesn't work
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