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Originally Posted by tony2long View Post
Advanced settings - set mirror detection size = 10000 (100%), decision = filename_filesize, and
General settings - if file exists = auto rename.
Doesn't always work.

The problem is the mirror detection has no option to disable it. On top of that, the mirror detection takes precedent over the file rename, so if a file has the same name and same size it is automatically deemed a mirror instead of renaming the file. So you have file A name Bob, sized 21mb, and file B named Bob, sized 21mb, it won't give the option to rename because it would automatically make file B a mirror and not download it.

A file can have the same name and be the same size, but have completely different content. The option to disable the mirror detect or prompt for what to do would be a great addition.

For instance, Vine videos, they're all usually the same length meaning often times they're the exact same size, often you'd end up with 20 files named something like Brandon's post on Vine for instance, all 20 videos could be 806kb, all 20 videos are completely different.