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Default Date bug

Hi. My problem is that i want to order the youtube videos by date. But i receive this odd result with this video: **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

Youtube plugin Customized Filename:
DATE: *date*.
DATE_TIME: *date_time* -
FORMAT_DATE: *date[YYYY/MM/dd]*.
FORMAT_DATE_TIME *date_time[YYYY/MM/dd]*
*videoname* (*quality*).*ext*

Youtube file downloaded:
DATE_ December 31, 2013.
DATE_TIME_ December 31, 2013 8_56_57 AM CET -
FORMAT_DATE_ 2014_12_31.
Soft Spoken_ Mango Essence Chips (256kbit).m4a

I don't know why there is one year of difference between the different formats. For other videos it works fine.

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