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Again, thanks for you answer!

I am working on a script that checks the recording of an audio-stream - the api calls are only made when there is an interruption in that stream.
My script is intended to work even when I am not in front of the computer and it already works quite well.

Of course, my script does not work AT ALL when those dialogs pop up and wait for confirmation.
You said "the question dialog will show up for each api method once/script"... does that mean, I cannot even make dummy-calls to all needed api methods when jDownloader starts ("JDownloader started"), because that would be from a different script?
Uh...that is very bad news!

It would be very helpful being able to set the properties of a certain script to "permanently disable all permission dialogs".

As a side note:
The examples shown here were very helpful to me. My questions as a newbie seem basic, I was searching for their answers via google and could only find single messages between different topics.
is there an "event scripter discussion page/forum"?
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